Aleksandra Drinic

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Bosnia and Herzegovina
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I have been working with the Association of Travel Guides in Republic of Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina since the beginning of 2013. My main interest (having graduate degree in public relations and postgraduate studies in archeology and heritage with over 12 years of work on tourism development) is development of cultural tourism based on proper archaeological and historic interpretation of material and intangible heritage including establishing of the first historical village/open museum in the area. Our work is obviously focused on the territory of Republic of Srpska, mostly North West part of it, but we have a very good network of partners all across Bosnia and Herzegovina. Up to this date we have cleaned medieval tombstone necropolis, prepared interpretation and presentation of it as well cleaned and marked access to two prehistoric drystone walls Refugio situated in the village of Baljvine in Bosnia and Herzegovina (
We have succeeded in mobilizing local village residents participating in our activities and promoted our project across the country as a successful case of raising awareness of importance of cultural and historic heritage and its usage in present time. We are looking for both assistance and partners that we can participate with in potential EU-funded projects to help us organize archaeological research, interpretation and presentation of findings aiming to better preserve cultural and historic heritage and use it for tourism development. We do have several locations in North West part of Bosnia and Herzegovina with several registered Roman period settlements, medieval fortresses as well as some more recent (19th century) villages that require research and interpretation and proper conservation and restoration. However, as there is a significant lack of qualified experts of all relevant fields we would appreciate very much any collaborative projects that could help us achieve our aims.