Alessandro Peinetti MA cand. PhD

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I am a PhD student at University Paul Valéry - Montpellier III (France). My current research focus on spatial organization of western Mediterranean (South France and Italy) Late Neolithic / Early Bronze Age settlements from a geoarchaeological point of view (in particular soil micromorphology). I have been involved in experimental archaeology since 2010, with first experiments on the effect of fire on soil and earthen materials. I am especially interested in building technology experimentation. From 2014, I take part with Claudia Speciale and Kati Caruso to an experimental project focused on wattle and daub technology. During my Master's degree I also participated in several experimental activity in Solarolo (Italy) with Pr. Maurizio Cattani (University of Bologna) and Roberto Deriu. In the future I want to explore the applications of micromorphology in high controlled experimental areas, in order to recognize activity markers and for a better understanding of formation processes of the archaeological record.