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Hello! I am a Masters student in Experimental Archaeology and Material Culture at University College Dublin studying lithics and atlatl spear-thrower technology. I also sit on the Board of Directors for the World Atlatl Association and have been making and throwing atlatl spear-throwers for over a decade. In between my undergraduate and graduate education I worked in public archaeology, using hands-on experimental archaeology projects in interactive workshops and summer camps for K-12 students in Las Vegas through a partnership with the Las Vegas Natural History Museum. I have also spoken about atlatl spear-throwers on numerous science and archaeology podcasts, including 'Ologies with Alie Ward', 'That Anthro Podcast', and the 'I Dig It Podcast.' My field experience includes survey work on the Shivwits Plateau in NW Arizona (Ancestral Puebloan) and excavation at the Maya city of Caracol in western Belize.