Bert van Valburg

Member of EXARC since
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bert.van.valburg [at]
the Netherlands
Crafts & Skills

Bert van Valburg has a wide range of experience in interim management and consultancy. He first got to know archaeological open-air museums in 2003 when he became interim manager of HOME Eindhoven, one of the founding members of EXARC. He made the museum and its staff focus on making the necessary improvements. Van Valburg is result oriented with an eye for people and money. When two years later the idea popped up to arrange a 3 year cooperation with eight museums, all members of EXARC, van Valburg suggested 'his' museum to take the lead. When this project, liveARCH, got accepted van Valburg coordinated the project together with Roeland Paardekooper. LiveARCH is further explained here and included a budget of 1.4 million euro and eight different countries, Scotland, Norway, Sweden, Latvia, Hungary, Germany, Italy and the Netherlands. Following on liveARCH, van Valburg developed contacts in Poland and is besides his interim management and consultancy assignments active in (re)construction and maintenance projects around the continent.