Daniel Serra

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daniel [at] chronocopiapublishing.com

My main interest is food, cooking techniques and culinary experiences from the 8th to 17th century Europe and Scandinavia. I have worked with reconstructing past cuisines since the mid 90's and as I started a PhD on Viking Age food in 2003 I got further involved in experimental archaeology and food. Though I never finished my PhD much of my research went into my cookbook "An Early Meal" and my freelance research. My experimental projects has involved cooking pits, Viking Age kitchen strategies and the composition of Viking Age taste.

Today, I am freelancing doing workshops, lectures and some research on my own, as well as being part owner of a small publisher of historical non-fiction. My workshops has ranged from cooking at events in Rasnov, Romania preparing a 100 person meal in the forests of Trondheim, Norway to a smal workshop in North House Folk School in Minnesota.

Currently I am working on a modern interpretation of a 13th century danish manuscript of recipes.