Domenico Lorusso

Member of EXARC since
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terraealtamurgia [at]

Since 1989 I have dealt with environmental education, organizing workshops and guided tours and naturalistic especially in the territory of the Alta Murgia National Park and in the major natural areas of Puglia, collaborating with schools, facilities for professional training, cultural circles, University of Bari and the Alta Murgia National Park.

I am passionate about archaeology and caving expert (since 1993 I am Instructor). I participated in several conferences as a speaker on environmental and historical-archaeological issues related to the Alta Murgia National Park, on recovery and enhancement. I am a naturalistic environmental guide for 25 years with a licensed tourist guide license in Puglia. Since May 2014 I have been in charge of the Visitor Center of the Alta Murgia National Park in Puglia.

Since January 2015 I have been the president of the Vivarch association, which groups regional associations, private bodies and professionals from the archaeological and naturalistic sectors of Puglia. Since 2014 I have been managing the open-air prehistoric archaeology field called "Archeoluoghi" near Bari (talia) and for 15 years I have been working on experimental archaeology and popular and imitative archaeology in various parts of Italy. My specialty is the processing of flint and obsidian, methods of making fire with prehistoric techniques, interweaving of animal and vegetable fibers and the creation of prehistoric musical instruments. I take care of a regional event of popular archaeology and discovery of the territory called "Archeotour ...... archaeology in movement".