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Erica Prus

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United Kingdom
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I work mostly with natural dyes and have recreated recipes from the Leyden papyrus Xand the Stockholm papyrus, however, I also experiment with creating and treating fibres, spinning and felting and recreating knotted textiles.

I have taken numerous extra curricular courses to aid my practice. In 2021, I took a course at the University of Oxford, 'Ancient Egyptian Textiles'. The research I proposed and undertook during this course consisted of an experiment to measure which premodern detergents used in Ancient Egypt would have been best to remove wax from white clothes, stained by the weaing of New Kingdom 'Head Cones'.

I undertook another short course at Oxford: 'Dressing the Past: The Archaeology of Clothing' in which I wrote a paper on foorwear in Iron Age Denmark.

My undergraduate thesis consists of research on a collection of Nazca textile fragments undertaken by analysing their production technologies, composition and changing form all through the framework of cultural biography theories.