Guillaume Reich PhD

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Crafts & Skills

I am a re-enactor for quite some years - many groups, and now I manage a group of Swiss and French craftspeople (La Tène period), Cerda. Parallel to my PhD studies in archaeology (in Strasbourg, France), I picked up experimental archaeology very fast, and with passion. I'm the second coordinator behind the society of archaeological animations AnimArc.
Now I work on the weapons of the site of La Tène (PhD in Strasbourg, France and Neuchâtel, Switzerland), with special interest to their damage. Are those acts of war or traces resulting from a religious treatment, Celtic fight or religion in the Iron Age? My research involves forensic methods, experimental archaeology and "ethno-archaeology".
I like both the theory and the practice. Readings, experiments and presentations to the public (reconstruction or experiments) form for me a whole.
I work as guide and organizer in Laténium (the museum of Neuchâtel).
If my work directs me naturally to the hardness of the iron and the old war, I also like the other materials. In a private way, I try to work with wicker, wood, textiles (spinning, weaving, dying, embroidery...) et cetera.
One of my great pleasures is to recreate old shields, sometimes wooden, sometimes wicker... The latter were the object of a brief article (see AEAS-GAES 2012).