Jaco Schilp

Member of EXARC since
E-mail address
schilpjaco [at] hotmail.com
the Netherlands

As member of the Dutch Youth Association for History (NJBG) and its Workgroup for Experimental Archaeology (WEA) I started at the age of twelve with my interests in experimental archeology.
During my membership and as former president of WEA I experience how to organizing and doing experiments with children and young adults. I also organised several summer-camps all across Europe but mostly in the Netherlands. My main crafts are iron making, blacksmithing and building projects but I am also very interested in all different kinds of other crafts. I was involved in several living experiments. During these experiments I investigated the consumption of the amounts of calories and the food.
In 2011 I started a new study at the Reinwardt Academy for cultural heritage. My plan during my study is to connect my experience with experimental archeology, (youth) education and open-air museums, with the professional museology.