Kari Marie Helland

Member of EXARC since
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kari.m.helland [at] gmail.com

I started doing re-enactment in 2005, quickly getting involved in keeping other reenactors feed. My curiosity about food and living conditions in the past got seriously peaked and soon I was running camp kitchens at various big and small medieval and Viking events, mostly in Norway and some in Denmark. I began getting short term assignments at different museums and events, doing lectures, courses, cooking demonstrations and workshops or catering historical food to event participants at festivals, often serving reconstructed medieval dishes. Today I work at Midgard Viking Center and Veien Cultural Heritage park, peddling the past and particularly anything food related. (I also do a lot of museum "potatoe" work). I have dabbled a little in experimental archaeology with Daniel Serra and have had some involvement in the Norwegian experimental archaeology conferences and also this year’s Norwegian archaeology dissemination conference. I am involved with Midgard's volunteer association, Midgard's Venneforening, and am in the board of Vikinger i Vestfold, ViV, the umbrella organization organizing the various Viking related associations in the county of Vestfold and Telemark, Norway on behalf of the Vestfold and Telemark County. I am responsible for organizing and furthering ViV's Viking Age food group. I am also interested in textiles technics and textile making and recently I have developed an interest and skills in cord and net making, being particularly interested in the use of stinging nettle.

My current projects are: researching food in the Iron Age in the Oslo fjord area in order to get a better understanding of what the food could have been like and to develop a conceivable local Viking Age cuisine, researching medieval food in a pilgrimage and also high status fortress/ castle context connected to the medieval city of Tønsberg,