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Katarzyna Stasinska MA

Member of EXARC since
United Kingdom

I have graduated in 2015 from the University of Wroclaw with a BA in Archaeology and in 2019 I have completed MA in Artefact Studies on the University College London. My studies are deeply connected to my passion for natural dyeing and other fibre crafts and have allowed me to develop it further. In my MA dissertation, I have focused on changes in woad dyeing techniques through the centuries, performing myself numerous experiments.

Practising as a natural dyer for more than 10 years, in 2017 I have founded my own business, Medieval Colours, to allow me to explore the natural-dying methods and broaden the scope of my passion. Since then I am teaching, demonstrating and preparing talks about natural dyeing. My ambition on the field of experimental archaeology is the most possibly accurate re-enacting of early Medieval dyeing process, through investigating of written and archaeological sources as well as folklore studies.

I enjoy also other traditional textile crafts, especially spinning, naalbinding and weaving.

I am open for all projects involving textiles researching, especially those about natural dyeing.