Kelly McKenna

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I started out as a chemistry student and switched gears to work on a landscape architecture degree, and finally settled on a whole different path of Art History (BA) with an Archaeology minor. I suppose I consider myself am an experimental "archaeo-ceramicist" for I enjoy the seemingly endless abilities and history of clay-pottery-ceramics.

My undergraduate degree included a research grant project, looking at the possible replication technique of the blue pigment Azul Maya (2015/2016), which led me to attending my first meeting at Williamsburg, Virginia. As this was my first experience with clay, I enjoyed it so much I stayed on with the university's studio for several years helping run the studio as a manager and teaching classes on throwing, hand-building, glazing, as well as running the indoor/outdoor firings, (especially loved the Raku firings).

It also gave me time to do some exploring for my own work, and I went on to study at the University of Exeter. I completed my Master's degree in Experimental Archaeology (2020), focusing on Romano-British pottery. So, when it comes to pottery, whatever the time period, I am always excited to learn new tricks, techniques, technologies, and facts about it - and sharing what I know and have learned over the years.

I currently work as a assistant manager, but in my spare time I like to work with my hands; working out of a local studio throwing pottery to working on small scale hand-building, jewellery, sewing/crafting.