Lee Antonio Graña Nicolaou PhD

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I first started with experimental archaeology over ten years ago when working with Dr. David Sim for one year on reconstructed weapons and armour. While working for Oxford Archaeology as an AS and subsequently an Environmental Archaeologist, I joined the Oxford Palaeolithic Technology Society to continue experimental research, this time with fishing technology. In doing so, I produced a net that was used for a reality-documentary titled 10,000BC.

I am now completing a PhD at the University of Reading where I am writing my thesis on the Romano-British fisheries. This includes experiments with fishing equipment replicas, such as lead net weights, to identify parameters of function that will facilitate the interpretation of these otherwise enigmatic tools.

In 2018 I organised a workshop on Roman experimental archaeology with Dr. Matthew Mandich and TRAC, which took place at Vindolanda (UK). The proceedings of which are published on EXARC.net

Our workshop followed a TRAC session at Edinburgh in the same year, organised by Dr. Tatiana Ivleva. Both sessions have since developed into a large publication which is currently being completed and which will provide an overview of experimental methodologies, challenges and applications in Romanist studies.

Our goal is to support a more collaborative and connected network of Romanists who are producing experiments or who are interested in using experimental data in their historical or archaeological research.