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Margriet Lestraden (1952) is museologist and art historian. She worked from 1980 till 1993 as Provincial Museum Consultant in the province of South Holland (NL). Heading a team of ten people she gave expert professional advice to 120 museums on issues ranging from policy, finances, climate-control, conservation, sponsoring, management and other matters. For many years she was chairperson of the Dutch National Association of Museum Consultants (LCM). She also served several terms as a board member and chairperson of the International Committee for Regional Museums (ICR) of ICOM.
In 1993 she began her private practice, Lestraden Museum Consultancy, specialising in museums in developing countries. In this period she worked for ca. 70 (museum) institutions
From 1994-1997 she provided training courses for Latvian museums and carried out infrastructural research on the position of museums throughout the country. In 2002 she organised, in cooperation with Zwolle Municipal Museum in the Netherlands, an overview exhibition of Latvian art in the 20th century.
In 2003 Margriet Lestraden received a prize from the Latvian Minister for Culture, Raguna Ribena, for 'popularising of Latvian art in the Netherlands and for professionalising Latvian museums.' She is in the process of transforming the birthhouse of Latvia’s most famous painter Vilhelms Purvītis into an international culture centre.