Olivier Charnay

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o_charnay [at] hotmail.com

As a teacher of Classical Letters in the Lyon region in France, I have hired several experimental archaeology projects (2017-2021) over the past four years, with the the participation of many players (CNRS, Lycées, Apprenticeship Centres, Craftsmen, Associations, Grandes Ecoles, Museums etc.), with the support of associations InterCycles, Festival Européen Latin Grec, Rhônapi and GAROM, such as a polybolo, a Roman automatic saw and a Mycenaean tank. My aim has always been to connect people, in a great adventure, technical, human and cultural. My job as a teacher of Classical Letters has allowed me to work in many different fields and my passion for arts and crafts has motivated me to undertake functional reconstructions of antique objects (in 1st or 2nd world). Finally, having always been very attached to these crafts, I have always been committed to promoting this sector either through videos on apprenticeship, or by highlighting the competent craftspeople and the educational federations and structures with which I have been able to work. Over the next three years, we are going to implement a multi-actor project on ancient Roman militaria.

You can see my profile for more details on LinkedIn, Olivier Charnay.