Tyler Selige

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Starting my junior year at SUNY Potsdam, I enrolled in a course over the summer of 2015 with Dr. Timothy Messner in which myself and eight others completed the construction of a dugout canoe using only Paleoindian stone tool technology. This process took us four weeks, during which we learned about various stone tool and fiber cordage manufacturing processes, reported on numerous texts regarding dugout canoe construction, and formed our own stone tools for use in the manufacture of our own dugout canoe. During our four weeks, we were heavily involved in public archaeology with the surrounding community, as our experiment took place in a well-visited local park. During my spring semester of the following year, I underwent an internship with Dr. Messner to formulate my own research project involving the manufacture of birch bark canoes in the northeast, and presented my findings at the NEAA conference of that same year. My intent is to put use to my findings and construct a birch bark canoe using only Stone Age technology.