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EXARC Newsletter, Number 2017/07

OBE & the Scottish Crannog Centre

We are absolutely thrilled, delighted and very proud to announce that long time EXARC member Dr Nick Dixon, Research Director of The Scottish Crannog Centre and Honorary President of The Scottish Trust for Underwater Archaeology has been awarded an OBE for services to underwater archaeology, public engagement and the economy of Scotland! Huge congratulations to Nick!...

The 2017 Colonial Williamsburg Foundation - EXARC Fellowship

The EXARC Journal fully open access

ACE – Africa's First Conference on Experimental Archaeology

EXARC Newsletter, Number 2017/06

EXARC Journal 2017-2 online

The 2017-2 issue of the EXARC Journal is published now, with 11 articles divided over four sections. Six articles are open access (Mixed Matters), five are for EXARC Members only...

Work on website started

EXARC in Moscow: Times & Epochs Festival

Tarragona, experimental archaeology: demonstrations or exhibitions?

EXARC Newsletter, Number 2017/05

Colonial Williamsburg Foundation – EXARC Fellowship

EXARC is proud to announce a fellowship offer together with America's largest outdoor living history museum, Colonial Williamsburg...

Museum Visitor numbers wanted


EXARC Journal Digest 2017/1

EXARC Newsletter, Number 2017/04

The EXARC Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2017

The AGM takes place on Friday 21 April, starting at 17:00h in the van Steenisbuilding, Faculty of Archaeology, University Leiden (NL). All EXARC members are cordially invited...

EXARC Newsletter, Number 2017/03

Last chance: EAA sessions

EXARC supports three sessions at the EAA Conference in Maastricht. Please submit your paper for any of these sessions before March 23rd...

Las Eretas (ES) in the press

EXARC Folders

Your advert in the EXARC Journal Digest

EXARC Newsletter, Number 2017/02

Call for papers: EAA

The European Association of Archaeologists hosts its annual meeting End of August, early September in Maastricht (NL). Expected number of participants is 1,500 people. EXARC assists in three different sessions, all of which have a call for papers open right now...

Annual General Meeting

EXARC Journal 2017-1 out now

Short survey about open-air museums

EXARC Newsletter, Number 2017/01

EXARC shares your events

We can share your major events on our website and social media! Our calendar of events hosts those events from our members worth travelling for. Our website attracts over 100,000 people per year...

Your visitor numbers 2016

Your flyer reaches all at EAC10

Good quality information on living in the past

EXARC Newsletter, Number 2016/12

Academic workshop on reconstruction, re-enactment and replication

This Interdisciplinary Workshop (12-16 June in Leiden, NL) on Performative Methodologies brings together specialists from the fields of art history, archaeology, conservation, musicology and anthropology...

Your membership and contribution fees 2017

EAC10 Conference – full programme online

The EXARC Board and Team wishes all its members happy holidays and a good start for the New Year!

EXARC Newsletter, Number 2016/11

EAC10 program online

April 2017, EXARC will organise the Experimental Archaeology Conference, EAC10, in Leiden, the Netherlands. Titles of the almost 60 papers and posters are already online...

EXARC - REARC Conference in the United States

4th Journal of 2016 published online

EU grant application

EXARC Newsletter, Number 2016/10

EAC10 Conference – registration now open

We are happy to announce, registration for the International Experimental Archaeology Conference EAC10, in April 2017 in Leiden (NL), is open...

EU websites

EXARC Digest 2016-2 printed

Wanted: EAA session organisers


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