Eiszeitpark Engen (DE)

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In the Eiszeitpark in Engen the hiking trail among the caves dating back to 15.000 years ago is enriched by stone age hands on activities.

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The remarkable site was discovered back in 1927. The archaeological deposit was incredibly rich in tools and animal bones demonstrating that the two caves dating to the Neolithic period were the place for processing hunted animals, especially reindeer. The enlarged reproduction of the three inches female figurine worked out of jet, the Venus of Perterfels, can be seen sitting on a rock, as a landmark of this important site.
Within the park, the ice age enviroment is illustrated also by representing the original essences present at the time and educational activities can be practiced hands-on (atlatl, fire making and more).
The annual Peterfels' day gathers thousands of visitors.


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