Swifterkamp (NL)

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The “new Land” Flevoland in the Netherlands is not only home to many people, it also contains some splendid nature. In one of the nature parks, at Lelystad, a Stone Age settlement is situated. This area was home to Neolithic farmers before it got too wet and flooded.

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These people and their story are a characteristic of Flevoland. The archaeological open air museum, previously situated elsewhere and themed otherwise, now consists of 2 large houses (Swifterbant Culture), 3 workshops and a Mesolithic hunter’s hut. The village usually is frequented by school groups, sometimes in combination with the Nieuw Land Centrum elsewhere in town. On Sundays and in the Summer, there are demonstrations – the settlement is mainly being run by volunteers. Groups can rent the houses to stay for a weekend (or two).


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