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Archaeological Open-Air Museum

Campus Galli - Karolingische Klosterstadt e.V. (DE)

It is our goal to build a 9th century monastery with contemporary Carolingian tools and materials only. To this end the “Plan of St. Gall”, the earliest European architectural document, is put to reality in a wooded area near Lake Constance in Southern Germany, only 40 kilometres from the place of its origin...

Build It and They Will Come: Managing archaeological open-air museums in Britain for Stability

Lydia Hendry (UK)
Museums are among the most visited attractions in the UK (ALVA 2015), and with interactive displays and active engagement becoming more commonplace, this success can be capitalised on by archaeological open-air museums. Some European archaeological open-air museums entertain many visitors per year, although most are smaller institutions (Paardekooper 2012)...

Prehistoric Beekeeping in Central Europe - A themed guided tour at Zeiteninsel, Germany

Sonja Guber (DE)
Over the past few years, beekeeping has been a media focal point. Nevertheless There is a paucity of knowledge surrounding the prehistory of beekeeping outside of the information from the east and south Mediterranean regions...

“Days of Living Archaeology” at the Prehistoric Archaeopark Všestary, Czech Republic

Radomír Tichý (CZ)
Until recently, the presentation of archaeology in the Czech Republic was solely connected to classic museum exhibitions. Unfortunately, not all museums have archaeological exhibitions. For example, the National Museum in Prague currently does not have any, not even temporary, archaeological exhibition due to the reconstruction of the historical building...

Bacrie z. s. and the Prehistoric settlement Krivolik (CZ)

Krivolik shows the development of human history, from the advent of modern man (Homo sapiens sapiens) (36,000 B

Aktopraklık Höyük Açıkhava Müzesi ve Arkeoloji Okulu (TR)

The Aktopraklık Höyük Open-Air Museum and Archaeology School is run by the Istanbul University Department of Prehistory. The foundation of this cultural heritage management project is the archaeological evidence from the excavation conducted at the prehistoric mound of Aktopraklık...

Erve Eme (NL)

At Erve Eme we bring back the past using re-enactment and living history. Our goal is to stimulate the (educational) interest in the local and regional history and development of human society in relation to the natural environment...

Museums as Good Places

David Anderson (UK)
OpenArch Conference - 25 May 2015, Cardiff
In 1903 the American industrialist, Andrew Carnegie offered the then enormous sum of $2,500,000 to the trustees of a fund which he had created for the citizens of the city of Dunfermline, Scotland, the place of his birth. He instructed these trustees to use the money to enhance the lives of the people of the city...

The Potential for Open-Air Sites: A Diversified Approach in Emilia, Italy

D. Delpiano,
F. Garbasi and
F. Fontana (IT)
The development of open-air cultural heritage and archaeological areas is based upon their optimal safeguarding and management, and through the public awareness they generate. In this paper, considering different management issues and end goals, we will demonstrate how, through cooperation among specialized professionals, local authorities and ...

A Course in Experiential Archaeology at an Archeopark as a Part of Active University Education

V. Mikešová and
D. Maršálek (CZ)
As with any other science, archaeology constantly adopts new methods and trends over time. University education in the field can be very helpful advancing sciences in every country. This type of education influences the early stages of future top scientists and forms their future careers. Therefore, education should reflect not only scientific innovations but also innovative educational methods...


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