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OpenArch 2011-2015 (Culture Project)


What it is about:
OpenArch is an application for a Culture project, building on the success of EXARC. We have good experience in international cooperation, and now intend to intensify that by joining forces of 10 museums and EXARC itself for a period of 5 years.

The main idea of Archaeological Open-Air Museums is to present both the tangible and intangible past to the public. The tangible parts of Archaeological Open-Air Museums are the archaeological remains and the reconstructions of these (houses, ships, complete environments). The intangible and most interesting part of an Archaeological Open-Air Museum is the story of the people that once lived there.

The objective of OpenArch is to create a permanent partnership of archaeological open air museums throughout Europe with the aim of developing attractive and excellent experiences for the public, focusing on common European heritage, especially the intangible elements of past culture, and including European-wide exchanges of best practice and intensified co-operation between museums workers.

The ultimate goal of the OpenArch project is therefore to help museums and their broader network to become more professional, and to demonstrate the value of working on a European level for the benefit of the visitor experience.

1Workshops and seminars
2Staff exchanges
3Experimental actions

Work Packages:

Work Package 1Management of the project
Work Package 2Improvement of museum management at partner museums
Work Package 3The dialogue with the visitor
Work Package 4The dialogue with skills
Work Package 5The dialogue with science (experimental archaeology)
Work Package 6Dialogue with museums and museum organisations
Work Package 7Communication & Dissemination

OpenArch counts 11 partners:
C.I. De Calafell (CAT), coordinator
Archaeological-Ecological Centre Albersdorf (DE)
Archeon (NL)
Arheološki Institut (RS)
Fotevikens Museum (SE)
Hunebedcentrum (NL)
Kierikki Stone Age Village (FI)
Amgueddfa Cymru – National Museum Wales (WLS)
Parco Archeologico e Museo all’aperto della Terramara di Montale (IT)
University of Exeter (EN)


Workshops on basketry and flint at Exeter University

We would like to inform you about the two workshops this term at Exeter University on basketry (rush willow and other materials) and flintknapping. It is meant for OpenArch Partners.

EXARC Journal Digest 2014 Autumn printed

Soon you will have in your hands our second Digest of the year. We are getting used to the new rhythm and hope that our readers find the new format of four issues yearly and two printed Digests satisfactory. In this Digest we bring you our choice of abridged articles, this time from issues 2014/2 and 2014/3. In total 11 articles and a few book reviews...

The dialogue with visitors - international conference in Serbia

October 2014, a few dozen EXARC members and other colleagues met in Viminacium, Serbia. This was the 8th conference of OpenArch and the theme was "The Impact of the Dialogue with Visitors on Management in Archaeological Open-Air Museums". Staging this meeting in Serbia offered the chance for many colleagues from Serbia itself and surrounding countries like Macedonia...

Parco Montale celebrating its 10th anniversary with numerous events

Spring 2014, events at the Terramara Park of Montale were dedicated to the 10th birthday were a success. Those attracted 4,300 people raising the total number of visitors since 2004 to 170,000. September 14, the Park opens the Autumn season with a program of events and demonstrations of ancient techniques which the inhabitants of the terramare were very experienced at, as the archaeological finds prove.

The Value and Scale of the Experimental Archaeology Approach - Conference on the Dialogue with Science (Oulu FI)

The OpenArch Project met in June 2014 in Finland. Over 50 participants discussed the value and scale of the experimental archaeology approach to studying and presenting the past. The dialogue with science is vital for archarchaeological open-air museums, both as regards to research and for presenting how we know what we know...

EXARC at the 29th general assembly of ICOM (Paris, UNESCO building)

ICOM, the International Council of Museums, is a worldwide network of museum professionals. On 3-4 June 2014 they held their annual general assembly in Paris, France. As many members of EXARC are developing themselves into professional museums, we see the benefit of becoming an affiliated organization of ICOM. ICOM organizes many activities to support the development of their 32.000 members worldwide...

Workshop volunteers in museums

Basel: Historisches Museum, 29 January 2014
Following his presentation at the Rio ICOM Conference, the treasurer of EXARC Luc Eekhout was invited to Basel. Mrs. Marie-Paule Jungblut, the director of the four historical museums of this Swiss city, was interested in how to work with a substantial volunteer group...

2nd Interim report on its way

With three out of five years of the OpenArch behind us, also most of the work is done. We still have four conferences ahead of us, and many products to be made. The eleven partners of OpenArch are looking back, working on the 2nd interim report for Brussels. They will mention what they did, when and with whom they did it, how much time and money they spent and what the results were. The OpenArch Operational manager will then compile a full report which goes to Brussels soon. If Brussels agrees, this will mean we can continue on the chosen road, with a new part of the EU funding.

Stone Age DVD out

Kierikki Stone Age Centre, with partners, produced a film telling a Stone Age story about the harsh living conditions back then. The film "Sun Stone" was recorded in 2013 and is a beautiful way of explaining Stone Age - a child's growth story in and around a Stone Age settlement - in 16 minutes...

Megalithic Routes, a European Cultural Route

January 2014, Stone Age Park Dithmarschen, Germany, joined the international society “Megalithic Routes” and is allowed to now use the phrase “Cultural Route of the Council of Europe”. The Stone Age Park is member of EXARC.

OpenArch worked with stones

Thanks to a wonderful organisation, almost 90 participants met for a five days filled with workshops, breakout sessions and lectures about "Working with stones in European Pre- and Protohistory in theory and in practice" at the Archaeological-Ecological Centre Albersdorf (DE)

EXARC Facebook groups reach milestone

EXARC is very active on Facebook, both for our members as well as for others professionally interested. We for example manage or co-manage two active groups, one on experimental archaeology, the other one archaeological open-air museums (AOAM)...

Visually Impaired visit to Archeon

On September 1st 2013, as part of the ongoing Dialogue with the Visitor, Archeon was host to a large group of visually impaired visitors. For the occasion, a special park guide was produced in braille. However, the rest of the day was conducted as an everyday visit to Archeon, to test how accessible the park is to the visually impaired. Archeon passed with flying colors.

European Route of Megalithic Culture established

With an official ceremony in Denmark, The Council of Europe certified the organisation “Megalithic Routes” as ‘”European Route of Megalithic culture”. On 27 August, the Megalithic Routes Chair Bodo Zehn received the certificate in the presence of the Culture Minister of Denmark, Marianne Jelved...

EXARC in Rio

The largest Museum Convention worldwide, ICOM in Rio 2013, was attended by EXARC. Financed by the EU Project EXARC Treasurer Luc Eekhout was in Brazil as one of the 2,000 delegates. Eekhout presented archaeological open-air museums in this...

EXARC: a worldwide map of museums

Finally we can also show non-European archaeological open-air museums! With almost 250 presentations in Europe, we now have published the first 70 descriptions of non-European museums. The world map suddenly looks very different...

2nd OpenArch Exeter workshop

From Monday May 20 till Friday the 24th, at University of Exeter 10 participants met at the 2nd workshop organized within OpenArch project. The title of that workshop was "The life cycle of structures in experimental archaeology: an object biography approach"...

At the AAM in Baltimore

The American Alliance of Museums (AAM) is a large organization, supporting 21,000 museums, individuals and companies.
Mid May, the AAM held its annual conference, in Baltimore. More than 5,000 people, including over 460 from 50 different countries joined...

Archeon Conference successful

A few days with very fine spring weather marked the OpenArch conference in Archeon. Besides a lot of papers on the dialogue with visitors a special mention needs to be made for the workshop on how to handle food in archaeological open-air museums. In the shoulder of the Conference, EXARC held its Annual Meeting 2013 at Archeon...

Archeon (NL) nominated for the 2013 Children’s Museum Award

27 March 2013, we will know if Archeon received the 2013 Children’s Museum Award. Yhis award is an initiative by “Hands On!”, the Association of Children’s Museums and the International European Museum Academy which is a European Museum Expertise Foundation...


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