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okEXARC consists of  four internal networks for our Members.
Subjects are Archaeological Open-Air Museums, Experimental Archaeology, Ancient Technology and Interpretation.
okThe EXARC community is vibrant, dynamic and growing with almost 250 members in 30+ countries we offer a strong supportive network where everyone interested in these subjects can exchange knowledge, experience and best practice... Read more
okEXARC offers you the EXARC Journal featuring the latest developments in fieldwork, academic research, museum studies, living history interpretation and ancient technology... Read more
okEXARC also organises small-scale collaborations and international partnerships to raise the profile of the participants and allow other members to benefit from their experience... Read more

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Upcoming Meeting

May 2015: Managing archaeological open-air museums: current issues, future trends - Cardiff (WLS)

Monday, 25 May, 2015 to Friday, 29 May, 2015
Archaeological parks, museums and heritage centres, are a growing phenomenon with hundreds known across Europe alone. The majority are new institutions developing their own approaches to management, fund raising, visitor experience and sustainability...

What's happening ...

Prof. Schindler's amazing keynote speech on "Soul Authorship"

You might like to know that Prof Bill Schindler's fascinating and inspiring keynote address on "Soul Authorship: experimental archaeology, and the value of authentic learning experiences in Higher Education pedagogy", presented at the 9th Experimental Archaeology Conference (EAC9) hosted by the UCD School of Archaeology at University College Dublin...

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13.03.2015 to 14.03.2015
Republic of Macedonia
United Kingdom
16.04.2015 to 18.04.2015
23.05.2015 to 24.05.2015
27.05.2015 to 30.05.2015
the Netherlands
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