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okEXARC consists of  four internal networks for our Members.
Subjects are Archaeological Open-Air Museums, Experimental Archaeology, Ancient Technology and Interpretation.
okThe EXARC community is vibrant, dynamic and growing with over 250 members in 40+ countries we offer a strong supportive network where everyone interested in these subjects can exchange knowledge, experience and best practice... Read more
okEXARC offers you the EXARC Journal featuring the latest developments in fieldwork, academic research, museum studies, living history interpretation and ancient technology... Read more
okEXARC also organises small-scale collaborations and international partnerships to raise the profile of the participants and allow other members to benefit from their experience... Read more

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Upcoming Meeting

2016 November - Reconstructive and Experimental Archaeology Conference (REARC), USA

Friday, 18 November, 2016 to Sunday, 20 November, 2016
REARC is excited to announce that this year's meetings will be held in Colonial Williamsburg, the world-renowned living history museum and research center located in Virginia. For the first time, conference proceedings will take place minutes from the heart of this important historic district where history is brought to life through exhibits and demonstrations of 18th century daily life...

What's happening ...

Fundraising to launch Butser Roman Villa into the future

Butser Ancient Farm will soon be launching a brand new campaign to renovate their iconic Roman villa. Built in 2003, the villa starred in the famous ‘Rebuilding the Past’ documentary on the Discovery Channel, a show that was watched by thousands of people across the country. Thirteen years later, the farm now welcomes 30,000 schoolchildren and 20,000 visitors every year – and the heavy footfall is starting to show!

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10.07.2016 to 06.11.2016
27.08.2016 to 28.08.2016
27.08.2016 to 28.08.2016
07.09.2016 to 08.09.2016
14.09.2016 to 17.09.2016
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