September 2024: Digitalisation in Open-Air Museums

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About the Conference. 

This hybrid conference is open to all people with a museum or technical background who are interested in digital tools in the cultural sector. Our focus is on museums and other parties working with reconstructions (for example replica ships or other constructions that are not permanently tied to a museum). These parties need digital solutions, partly to serve their visitors, but also to help their staff in managing collections, and to streamline working methods and comply with current regulations (for example on digital archives of administration). 

Registration Fee

Fee includes: conference material, coffee/tea, lunch, dinner, and bus transport from Lelystad to Swifterkamp on the third day.

Conference3 Days 
(11-13 September 2024)
incl. excursion
2 Days 
(11-12 September 2024) 
no excursion
1 Day 
(any day of the conference)
In Person
EXARC member (cat. 1 & 2) OR Students
€ 240€ 150€ 100
In Person
non-EXARC OR EXARC cat. 3
€ 295€ 175€ 125
Online Participant

Free, please register by email to 

Online Speaker€ 50 (for making your presentation available online)


Travel and Accommodation

Lelystad has a direct train connection from Schiphol Airport which takes about 40 minutes and runs every 30 minutes. 

Lelystad has several smaller accommodations, and one medium sized hotel: Leonardo Hotel Lelystad Centrum



Updated, June 21

Read all abstracts here.

Arrival  - Tuesday, September 10, 2024

Location: Grand Café Dukaat, Dukaatplein 8, 8232 EJ Lelystad, The Netherlands (just outside train station Lelystad Centrum)

18:00 Get together, dinner and drinks (at own expense)
Grand Café Dukaat:


Day 1 - Wednesday, September 11, 2024

Location: Museum Batavialand, Oostvaardersdijk 01 13, 8242 PA Lelystad, The Netherlands

9:00Open for Registration
9:30Official opening
9:45Session 1a: Explaining RETOLD (in person and online)
 Going Digital, Issues, Challenges, and Results
Dr. Roeland Paardekooper, EXARC (the Netherlands)
 Our House. The Importance of documenting reconstructed Buildings – a case study from the Museumsdorf Düppel in Berlin
Dr. Julia Heeb, Stadtmuseum Berlin (Germany)
 Düppel:3D - VO:CALS
Prof. Thomas Bremer (HTW Berlin, DE:HIVE), Dr. Julia Heeb (Stadtmuseum Berlin), David Witzgall (HTW Berlin, DE:HIVE) (Germany)
 Digitisation and 3D Visualisation: The State-of-The-Art vs Technological Appropriateness for Cultural Heritage Sites
Dr. Cordula Hansen, XYZ Technical Art Services (Germany)
11:15Coffee break
11:30Session 1b: Explaining RETOLD (in person and online)
 Not just Storytelling. Documentation traditional Crafts in a Museum Setting
Dr. George Tomegea, Complexul National Muzeal ASTRA (Romania)
 Local Craftspeople from Romania. A valuable Resource for reconstructing Monuments in Open-Air Museums
Dr. Ioan-Cosmin Ignat, Complexul National Muzeal ASTRA (Romania)
 When Digital hits the Museum: Experiences of our Museum with 3D
Dr. Rüdiger Kelm, Steinzeitpark Dithmarschen (Germany)
 There must be an App for that. Technical Solutions for Open-Air Museums
Prof. Dr. Clara Masriera Esquerra, Universitat Autónoma de Barcelona (Spain)
13:00Lunch at Taveerne de Batavia (incl guided tours depot)
14:00Session 2: Explaining RETOLD (in person only, at the Batavia Wharf)
14:00Guided tour Wharf and Batavia Ship
15:00Hands-on workshop at the Wharf (looking at modern techniques and digital possibilities)
16:00Coffee break
What did we get involved in? The Good and the Bad about standing in between the Digital and the Museum Reality
Guillaume Auvray MBA, Nuwa Ltd (Ireland)
18:00Dinner at Taveerne de Batavia


Day 2 - Thursday 12, 2024

Location: Museum Batavialand, Oostvaardersdijk 01 13, 8242 PA Lelystad, The Netherlands

9:00Session 3a (in person and online)
9:00Unlocking (3D) digital Heritage
Kate Fernie and Henk Alkemade, Carare (Ireland)
 Experiencing the Lower German Limes in a game-based Way
Stephan Engelhard, LVR-Archaeological Park Xanten, Xanten (Germany)
 Digitally Restoring Museum Objects to Their Original Context
Elin Tinuviel Torbergsen, Museum Nord and University of Oslo (Norway)
 Enriching Technologies for a die-hard 'hands on' Presentation
Annenies Keur, Archeon (the Netherlands)
 Museum Theatre, the digital transition and future of first-person narrative history 
Dr Foteini Venieri & Rebecca Shelley, Heterotopia Museum Theatre, Athens (Greece)
 The Role of Digital Asset Management in Skill Training and Preservation: 
An ALHFAM Project Case Study
Peter Watson, Howell Living History Farm & Pleasant Valley Historical Park, ALHFAM (USA)
11:00Coffee break
11:15Key Note (in person and online)
 The Role of Unreal in Open-Air Museums
Dr. Peter Inker, Colonial Williamsburg (USA), EXARC
 Session 3b (in person and online)
 Ship happens, now what - On the Experiences of 3D-scanning maritime archaeological Objects at Batavialand and possible Applications
Joran Smale MA, Batavialand (the Netherlands)
 Vlogging, Podcasts and Outreach through Digital Platforms
Dr. Matilda Siebrecht, EXARC & Eva Götting-Martin, DAI (Germany)
13:00Lunch at Taveerne de Batavia (incl guided tours depot)
14:00Session 4 (in person and online)
 “Augmenting” an Open-Air Museum. The Experience at Parco Archeologico didattico del Livelet, Italy
Dott.ssa Maura Stefani, Parco Archeologico didattico del Livelet (Italy)
 Digital Applications for Archaeological Open-Air Museums
Bangcheng Tang, Sichuan University, Chengdu (China)
 Japan’s forgotten Pithouses: documenting the dismantling of Reconstructed Prehistoric Architecture
John Ertl (Keio University), Yasuyuki Yoshida (Morioka University), Corey Noxon (Ritsumeikan University), Yoko Ikari (Meiji University) (Japan)
 The Tustan Case: from 3D Reconstruction of a medieval cliffside Fortress to Leadership in Digitalisation of Museums in Ukraine
Vasyl Rozhko, HeMo (Ukraine)
 Digital Innovation inside and outside the Drents Museum
Suzanne Rus, Drents Museum (the Netherlands)
 From Storage to Conservation Documentation. The Application of Autodesk Inventor and Photogrammetry to produce drawings of Ceramic Vessels
Michał Lis, Jakub Rąpała, Monika Kamińska, Jerzy Trzebiński, Paweł Kajfasz, Jolanta Lasek, Wawel Royal Castle – State Art Collection, Archaeological Department, Kraków (Poland)
16:00Coffee break
16:15Guided tour in Batavialand Museum
18:00Dinner at Taveerne de Batavia


Day 3 - Friday, September 13, 2024 (in person only)

Location: Swifterkamp, Prehistorische Nederzetting, Vlotgrasweg 15, 8219 PP Lelystad, The Netherlands

8:30Coach departs from Leonardo Hotel Lelystad Centrum
9:00Arrival at Swifterkamp
 Guided Tour at Swifterkamp
11:00Coffee break
11:30Hands-on workshop, Swifterkamp case study
XYZ Technical Art Services (Germany)
13:00Lunch at HarTeluk restaurant Natuurpark Lelystad (from here onward, program is at HarTeluk)
14:00Retold presentation and discussion
16:00Coffee break
16:30Hands-on workshop, Swifterkamp case study
XYZ Technical Art Services (Germany)
20:30Coach returns to Leonardo Hotel Lelystad Centrum


Departures - Saturday, September 14, 2024

This is a travel day