EXARC Journal Editorial Board

The EXARC Journal Editorial Board is appointed and supervised by the EXARC Board. 


Katerina Dvoráková

EXARC JOURNAL Editor-in-Chief: Mgr J. Katerina Dvoráková (UK)

Magister of Prehistoric Archaeology and Classical Archaeology at Philosophical Faculty, Charles University Prague (CZ). I became involved with the original Czech REA from its second number in 2001 and was at the foundation of EuroREA, now the EXARC JOURNAL. I overview the overall preparation of both the on-line Journal and printed Digest. Among other tasks this includes answering questions from contributors, co-ordinating the work of our editors, keeping in contact with reviewers, sending out proofs and discussing issues with our designer. I also translate texts on archaeology and related subjects from Czech to English, both for the EXARC Journal and as a freelance translator and offer language revision and text formatting.


Roeland Paardekooper

EXARC Director & EXARC Journal Executive Editor: Dr Roeland Paardekooper (NL)

BA & MA at Leiden University (NL), PhD at the University of Exeter (UK), honorary research fellow at the University of Exeter (UK). Together with Martin Schmidt and Tomas Johansson, I sat down years ago to start EXARC. By now, I oversee the daily activities, keep contact with the EXARC members and the EXARC Board as well as with affiliate organisations, interest groups on experimental archaeology or initiatives for a new archaeological open-air museum. I answer questions, follow up on requests for information and start cooperation projects where possible. Last but not least, I advice EXARC members at request and help with keeping the EXARC JOURNAL and website up to date. My editing experience goes back to 1986, when I started editing and producing a magazine for our local history club. My main experience as editor was 9 years, for the magazine of the Dutch Association for Archaeology and Education. For EXARC Journal, I acquire articles from different corners of Europe and beyond. I am also the linking pin between the editorial board and the board of the association EXARC.


EXARC Journal Editors

Mixed Matters Editors:

  • Danny Honig BEd BE MEd, freelance translator and editor (NL)
  • Nada Khreisheh BA MA PhD, Ancient Technology Centre (UK)
  • Stephanie Said BA MA, University of Malta, Wessex Archaeology (MT)
  • HollyMae Steane Price BSC, Artefact Heritage Services Pty Ltd (AU)
  • Major (Retd) Moira M Watson MSc, PG Dip, BA Hons, independent researcher, Pewsey (UK)

Reviewed Articles Editors:

Initial Editing: 

  • Linda Anderson BFA MFA MA cand. PhD, University of Texas (US), assistant editor for ARAMAZD, Archaeology and Ethnology Institute in Yerevan (AM)
  • Ruth Carden Bsc (Hons.) PhD, National Museum of Ireland (IE)
  • Jordana Maguire MSc BA Hons, Queen's University Belfast (UK)
  • Céline Murphy, BA, MRes, PhD (UK), IRC postdoctoral fellow, Trinity College Dublin (IE)
  • Viv Walker BA (Hons.) MSc (UK)

Final Editing: 

  • Rena Maguire BA hons MSc PhD FSA Scot, Visiting Research Fellow, Queen's University Belfast (UK)
  • Orla-Peach Power MPhil MA, Marine & Renewable Energy MaREI (IE)

Image Editing: 

  • Margaret Shackleton MA MEng (hons) CEng MICE (UK)

Bibliography Check: 

  • Via Baker BA MA, University of Exeter (US)
  • Casandra Brasoveanu MA cand. PhD, Universitatea Alexandru Ioan Cuza, Museum Universitatea Alexandru Ioan Cuza (RO)
  • Pamela Holland AA BA MA, Washington College (US)
  • Tanusree Pandit BSc (Hons.), MSc, University of Calcutta (India), PG Dipl., University of Liverpool (UK)
  • Marion R. Shiner BA. MA. cand. PhD, University of Sheffield (UK)
  • Stefanie Ulrich, MA, cand. PhD, Birkbeck College, Hampton Court Palace (UK)


  • Prof. Dr Javier Baena Preysler, Universidad Autónoma of Madrid (ES) (EXARC member)
  • Andy Bates BA, Phenix Studios Ltd (UK)
  • Kim Biddulph BA MA, City of London Corporation, Schools Prehistory, Archaeology Podcast Network (UK)
  • Güner Coskunsu PhD, Autonomous University of Madrid (UAM) (TR) (EXARC member)
  • Merryn Dineley M.Phil (UK) (EXARC member)
  • Evelyn Fidler BA MA, Kings Landing Corporation (CA)
  • Dr Vanessa Forte (IT) (EXARC member)
  • Elpidia Giovanna Fregni PhD, independent researcher (IT) (EXARC member)
  • Nicholas Geering MA (Oxon) (UK)
  • Dr Rüdiger Kelm, director at the Steinzeitpark Dithmarschen, ICOM Germany Board Member (DE) (EXARC member)
  • Darrell Markewitz, Independent Researcher (CA)
  • Sabine Martin MA cand. PhD, University of Exeter (FR)
  • James R. Mathieu BA MA PhD, Head of Collections, Publications, and Digital Media, Penn Museum (US)
  • Prof. Tim Messner PhD, State University of New York at Potsdam, REARC Chair (US) (EXARC member)
  • Inge Mette Petersen MA, Nationalmuseet, Frilandsmuseet (DK)
  • Thit Birk Petersen mag. art., Curator, Middelaldercentret (DK) (EXARC member)
  • Neil Peterson, independent researcher (CA) (EXARC member)
  • Dott. Edoardo Ratti, Member of Istituto Italiano Preistoria Protostoria (IT) (EXARC member)
  • Jodi Reeves Eyre PhD Council on Library and Information Resources (CLIR) (US) (EXARC member)
  • Claudia Speciale PhD, Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia (IT) (EXARC member)
  • Melanie Zucker AA BA MA, Mount Vernon Place Conservancy (US)

EXARC Journal Digest Proofreading:

  • Hywel Keen MA BA Hons, freelance archaeologist (UK)