EXARC Journal Editorial Board

The EXARC Journal Editorial Board is appointed and supervised by the EXARC Board. 


Katerina Dvoráková

EXARC JOURNAL Editor-in-Chief: Mgr J. Katerina Dvoráková (UK)

I became involved with the original Czech REA from its second number in 2001 and was at the foundation of EuroREA, now the EXARC JOURNAL. I overview the overall preparation of both the on-line Journal and printed Digest. Among other tasks this includes answering questions from contributors, co-ordinating the work of our editors, keeping in contact with reviewers, sending out proofs and discussing issues with our designer. I also translate texts on archaeology and related subjects from Czech to English, both for the EXARC Journal and as a freelance translator and offer language revision and text formatting.


Roeland Paardekooper

EXARC Director & EXARC Journal Executive Editor: Dr Roeland Paardekooper (NL)

Together with Martin Schmidt and Tomas Johansson, I sat down years ago to start EXARC. By now, I oversee the daily activities, keep contact with the EXARC members and the EXARC Board as well as with affiliate organisations, interest groups on experimental archaeology or initiatives for a new archaeological open-air museum. I answer questions, follow up on requests for information and start cooperation projects where possible. Last but not least, I advice EXARC members at request and help with keeping the EXARC JOURNAL and website up to date. My editing experience goes back to 1986, when I started editing and producing a magazine for our local history club. My main experience as editor was 9 years, for the magazine of the Dutch Association for Archaeology and Education. For EXARC Journal, I acquire articles from different corners of Europe and beyond. I am also the linking pin between the editorial board and the board of the association EXARC.


EXARC Journal Editors

Mixed Matters Editors:
Danny Honig (NL), Stephanie Said (MT), HollyMae Steane Price (AU)

Reviewed Articles Editors:
Initial Editing: Linda Anderson (US), Ruth Carden (IE), Jordana Maguire (UK)
Final Editing: Rena Maguire (UK), Orla-Peach Power (IE)
Bibliography Check: Via Baker (US), Casandra Brasoveanu (RO), Pamela Holland (US)

Javier Baena (ES), Andy Bates (UK), Kim Biddulph (UK), Evelyn Fidler (CA), Giovanna Fregni (IT), Nicholas Geering (UK), Rüdiger Kelm (DE), Sabine Martin (FR), James R. Mathieu (US), Tim Messner (US), Inge Mette Petersen (DK), Thit Petersen (DK), Neil Peterson (CA), Edoardo Ratti (IT), Jodi Reeves Eyre (US), Claudia Speciale (IT) and Melanie Zucker (US). 

EXARC Journal Digest Proofreading:
Hywel Keen (UK)