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The Dialogue with Skills in the OpenArch Project

Compiled by Rüdiger Kelm (DE) and
Alessia Pelillo (IT)

In the framework of the OpenArch-Project seven different workpackages, where two partners worked on a bilateral cooperation, have been developed. Workpackage 4 is“The dialogue with skills” and was coordinated by the Museum of Modena (Italy) and the Archaeological-Ecological Centre Albersdorf (Germany)...

Proceedings of the 7th UK Experimental Archaeology Conference Cardiff 2013

The 7th Experimental Archaeology Conference was held on 12-13 January 2013. This annual event, first held in 2006, has steadily increased in size. This year it was hosted jointly by the School of History, Archaeology and Religion at Cardiff University and St Fagan’s Open-Air Museum, near Cardiff...

Proceedings of the 1st International Workshop, republished

In 1999, at the Dutch archaeological education centre Wilhelminaoord, an international workshop took place, with a focus on the experimental and educational aspects of bronze metallurgy. The proceedings, containing eight articles, have been republished by EXARC.

Proceedings of the 1987 ESF workshop in Århus on the reconstruction of wooden buildings

The workshop was initiated by professor H.T. Waterbolk from Groningen, Netherlands and professor O. Olsen from Copenhagen, Denmark. In their proposal to the ESF, they wrote of the problems of constructing at a 1:1 size. Some of the problems addressed are still valid today...

How to publish Experimental Archaeology?

EuroREA is a magazine dedicated to publishing reports on experiment and education in archaeology. But what are the ways of publishing archaeological experiment? We asked this question and here we present the answers we received...

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