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Information for Contributors

The EXARC JOURNAL is the leading journal for those involved in experimental archaeology or archaeological open-air museums, featuring the latest developments in fieldwork, academic research, museum studies and living history interpretation. You are welcome to publish with us: we do not charge a fee for publishing through EXARC and equally do not pay authors either for it. 

The journal is divided into FOUR PEER REVIEWED sections:

Archaeological Open-Air MuseumsIn this section, we present studies and comments about anything touching upon archaeological open-air museums. This could be tourism, management, PR or just some fine examples.
Experimental ArchaeologyHere, we present experimental archaeological studies and methodologies, often in combination with museums, but not necessarily.
Ancient TechnologyHere you can find articles on Ancient Technology, including Crafts, Skills, Replicas and Archaeotechnique
InterpretationThis sections includes Living History, Live Interpretation and Museum Education

And ONE general section:

Mixed Matters This section contains book reviews, conference reports, event reports and reviews and interviews.

References should be placed in the text using the Harvard referencing system (e.g. Tichý 2001, 25-27). A full bibliography should be provided at the end of the contribution. The bibliography should contain only works refered to in the text.

Contributions are accepted in English. In their final form the articles will be accompanied with two or three sentence English inscriptions and summary. While these will normally be provided by the editors we would appreciate it if the texts are accompanied by summaries of up to 10% of the length of the article.

The contributions should be sent in an electronic form via e-mail to J. Katerina Dvoráková.

The text should be submitted in Word for Windows, preferably DOCX format, using Times New Roman font, size 12, 1.5 spacing, double spacing between paragraphs, no indentation.

Accompanying illustrations (charts, tables, graphs, photographs, linear drawings) should be submitted independently from the text, clearly numbered and with captions. Charts, tables and graphs should be in Excel.

Please do not send texts with embedded pictures.

Photographs should be in TIFF or JPEG with a resolution of 300 dpi for a 15 cm wide picture, linear drawings also in TIFF or JPEG with a resolution of at least 600 dpi for a 15 cm wide picture. The number of illustrations is not restricted as long as they are relevant.

As the contact between the authors and the editors is via e-mail, we would like to ask them to keep us updated on their e-mail addresses for the purpose of sending proofs.

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