Contact Information

EXARC is located at:

Stichting Erfgoedpark Batavialand
att. EXARC
Postbus 119
8200 AC Lelystad
the Netherlands

Phone: +(31) 6 40263273

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Chamber of Commerce:
EXARC is registered in the Netherlands in the register for associations and foundations of the Chamber of Commerce under number 17279629.

TAX ID number / RSIN:
NL 822095944 Registered for TAX under the name "Vereniging EXARC"



As of 2012, the Dutch Tax Service (Belastingdienst) has granted to EXARC Cultural ANBI status. The Dutch abbreviation ANBI means Algemeen Nut Beogende Instellingen (Institution Aimed at the Common Good) refers to charitable, religious, humanistic, cultural and scientific institutions whose mission and operations are deemed by the Tax Service overwhelmingly to serve the Common Good.

The Dutch government implements a fiscal policy that encourages the donation of funds to causes that advance the Common Good. Apart from granting tax advantages to EXARC, ANBI status also favors EXARC's Sponsors, Contributors and Patrons in countries that grant tax concessions to foreign registered charities, as well as those based in the Netherlands. Sponsors, Contributors and Patrons who have made a donation to EXARC may be able to deduct the amount from taxable income.

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EXARC manages several social media groups dedicated to experimental archaeology and archaeological open-air museums. We mainly use Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn but are also active through other channels. EXARC has been active on social media since 2010. You do not have to become an EXARC Member to follow us. Join over 40,000 people who are interested in what our members do!

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