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"What a great listen, spinning in my garden in Cornwall, thank you. I look forward to catching up with previous podcasts and listening next week."

Sally Herriett, United Kingdom

Our episodes feature content from many of EXARC’s endeavours, including our monthly #FinallyFriday events, the question-and-answer sessions from digital conferences, as well as one-off activities and workshops on current issues.

New episodes are released monthly (except for August/September and January) and are the work of a dedicated team of volunteers. If you love what we do and want to help support EXARC’s open access mission, you can become a member or make a donation via PayPal (paypal@exarc.net).


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Meet the team

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Matilda Siebrecht
Phoebe Baker
Josephine Bersee
Libbe Sambiria Bjerknæs
Josephine Bersee  Magdalena Zielińska EXARC Secretariat