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Meet our Guests
Martina Revello Lami Martina Revello Lami (NL)
Martina is an archaeologist and lecturer at the University of Leiden in the Netherlands. Although mainly focussing on how human choice can be expressed in ceramic objects, Martina’s research has recently expanded to begin exploring the complex relationship between archaeology and society. This is a core aspect of the Ex Novo Journal of Archaeology, of which she is a Vice Director, Co-Founder and editor. Ex Novo is an open access and peer reviewed international journal founded in 2005 which encourages interdisciplinary research and encompasses prehistory to the modern period.
Luca Bartoni (IT) EXARC Member: Luca Bartoni (IT)
Graduated in Information Technology he has always been fond of History and Culture, and he began his experience in living history in 2002. Actual President of AReS he focuses on the organizational management of events and activities, as well as to participate actively. He is particularly interested in projects that combine technology and archaeology, taking care of one of the AReS internal project called AReSTech... Read More