Welcome to EXARC

EXARC’s mission is to make the archaeological past widely accessible. It does this through creating opportunities for researchers and practitioners to collaborate, exchange information, and share best practices in archaeological open-air museums, experimental archaeology research, educational and presentational tools and demonstrations of cultural heritage. EXARC’s mission includes facilitating both research and education. Our goal is to bring people together and make them more professional.

EXARC has four legs: Ancient Technology, Experimental Archaeology, Interpretation / education and Museum Practice. EXARC has four target groups: Museums, Higher Education Centres, Organisations and Individuals (working in the fields connected to our legs). 

EXARC connects people - is a bridge between open-air museums and science. By sharing the knowledge - together, with all different backgrounds, we are stronger. Together we can make an important contribution to society. EXARC is an open and inclusive network. The organisation is fluid and adaptable to what occurs. 

EXARC is a vibrant, dynamic, growing international cultural heritage network with over 350 members in 40 countries. Members include over 100 museums (with an audience of about 5 million people annually), 200 freelance cultural heritage professionals working with those museums, 12 universities and 30 associations. Our Individual members range from archaeology professors to professional craftspeople. 

EXARC is affiliated to the International Council of Museums (ICOM) and is a member of the Network of European Museum Organisations (NEMO). 

What we offer:

  • Collegiality (own profession)
  • Professionality (high-quality network) 
  • Easy access (low threshold and welcoming)
  • Variety within the theme (mix of different ingredients: science, craft, interpretation)
  • Reputation and status (to be taken seriously within the themes)
  • International character (broaden horizons)
  • Opportunities to professionalise (for example helping to publish)
  • Know-how in our field (well informed of what is happening in the field, and can easily link people who need things / services / goods)
  • Open Access (EXARC stands for sharing the knowledge widely and for free - by becoming member one supports our mission and ideas)
  • Flexible working methods (can easily adapt to what is happening)


Convinced? Please become EXARC Member.


Members are authorised to cancel their memberships in observance of a notice period of at least thirteen weeks prior to the end of the association year (EXARC Charter), before October 1st. 

Contact us if you wish to cancel your membership.