REARC – Learning From Our Past... Looking To the Future

REARC is the conference on Reconstructive and Experimental Archaeology. 

Reconstructive and experimental archaeologists strive to expand our archaeological understanding of the past by attempting to recreate material culture, technology, or life-ways by using the same materials, techniques, and strategies believed to have been employed in the past through structured experimentation. REARC promotes and stimulates interests in reconstructive and experimental archaeology; serving as a bridging organization between Open-Air Museums, academics, primitive technologists, related groups, and individuals involved in the field. By supporting and facilitating an active and open exchange of information between related groups; REARC serves as a bond among those interested in this and related subjects. REARC encourages publication through the EXARC Journal to aid in the conservation and development of related data; and to encourage high standards, development and support for the scientific application of reconstructive and experimental archaeological research.

The organisation behind, SEAPT, has no members but consists of a dedicated committee, making everything work each time. EXARC supports the organization with know-how and more. As EXARC would like to cooperate for a longer period, it was decided to put this on paper. EXARC hosts the REARC website, handles part of the registration, while REARC does everything necessary in the United States itself. EXARC also helps with PR for the conference and offers all non-EXARC members some material about EXARC. REARC chair and EXARC Director signed the memorandum on October the 1st, 2018.

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