The EXARC Experimental Archaeology Award

Sometimes, you have a good idea for experimental archaeology research, but you lack resources. EXARC already offers its contacts, with over 400 members worldwide, its access to materials and tools around the world, literature via But now we add micro-funding. EXARC offers two awards of 500 EUR each for worthwhile archaeological experiments, regardless where in the world they are executed and by whom. These awards are sponsored by EXARC member John Kiernan (US)

You don’t need to be an archaeologist to design and execute a good experiment, and it does not have to be themed with a prehistoric subject only either. What we offer may help you to start your experimental project (seed money), and we also offer publication of it in the EXARC Journal. Last year alone, the open access Journal had 175,000 page views. 


You are an EXARC member or will join EXARC as a member when you accept the Award;
Theme of your project is experimental archaeology;
Recipients write one or several blog entries during the actual project, which will be published on the EXARC website and Social Media;
Recipients write an article for the EXARC Journal (reporting phase);
You will state in all communication that this project is supported by EXARC. 



Call Opens: 27 March 2021
Call Closes: 30 June 2021
Decision: 15 July 2021
Project start: before 1 September 2021
Planning Phase: Max. 3 months
Execution of the Experiment: Max. 6 months
Reporting Phase: Max. 3 months
Project end: 12 months after project’s start


The application needs to be in MS Word format and includes:

  • One file with your personal contact details and a CV (max. 3 pages)
  • A second file with a short description (200 – 750 words, no images) of the project including:
    • Title and theme of your project
    • The boundaries in space and time (what does this research apply to?)
    • What has been done in the same field: mention literature, people & organisations;
    • Expected outcome;
    • Communication & impact: how will you include ‘the world’ in your project (before, during, after): what media will you use and how can other EXARC members or other people be included during the project?
    • Budget and investment of time (including how other costs are covered).

Send your application to