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Grundtvig Learning Partnership - Zeitgeist 2010-2012


Between August 2010 and July 2012, 6 organisations cooperate in EXARC under the name Zeitgeist. This refers to is "the spirit of the times" or "the spirit of the age." About 70 times, someone from one of the members in this group will visit another member.

The Zeitgeist partners are:
Hunebedcentrum (NL), Coordinator
Archäologisches FreilichtMuseum Oerlinghausen (DE)
Archeon (NL)
Bronzezeithof Uelsen (DE)
Camp d'Aprenentage de la Noguera (CAT)
Fortidslandsbyen Landa (NO)

Our concrete objectives:
We characterise our adult visitors and their education needs and interests. Understand what visitors expect before arrival, what we intend to teach them and if this culminates in a successful visit.
Analyse the usage and possibilities of experimental archaeology & live interpretation.
Develop an approach to serve repeated visits.
Defining a good offer for 'pre-visit' and 'post-visit' for our public (information and knowledge).
Create a long lasting network regarding lifelong learning in archaeological open air museums.
Results will among others be:
an on line forum for the members of Zeitgeist
an on line visitor survey system, made and used and evaluated
a glossary of common terms for archaeological open air museums in several languages
a handbook / reader on the application of new media in archaeological open air museums, old crafts and reaching & teaching the adult public
a handbook / reader on storytelling and adult didactic methods applied to archaeological open air museums
There will be several workshops:

1 - 09/2010, the Netherlands: A work meeting to get things right
2 - 01/2011, Catalonia: Workshop of craftspeople. A class on new media and reaching / teaching the public, taken by outside experts. Defining the relevant topics of working with adults of which common terms need to be translated in our languages.
3 - 07/2011, Norway: Class on storytelling for guides, adult didactic methods. Agreement on how to do visitor analysis and use the results in updating our adult didactics. Discussion adult education seen from our visitors, guides, and those not visiting.
4 - 10/2011, the Netherlands: Halfway Project evaluation: is all in time? What about the results? International heritage fair, including living history demonstration, how to get information across: authenticity, being a teacher and an actor all in one.
5 - 02/2012, Germany: Follow up class on new media, about old crafts and reaching & teaching the public. Feedback from partners, follow up on storytelling. Project evaluation: is all well in time? What about the results? Important: joint meeting with the EXARC network.
6 - 07/2012, the Netherlands: Closing meeting, end evaluation. Workshop of craftspeople: craft, demonstration & interpretation


Two projects successfully completed

EXARC had two adult learning projects running for two years from August 1st 2010 onward. These projects, Didarchtik & Zeitgeist, were about adult education in archaeological open-air museums. EXARC was the Coordinator of Didarchtik, and took an advisable role in Zeitgeist.
Dozens of people from 14 EXARC members have visited each other extensively, taking a look in each other’s kitchen...

Conclusion of the Zeitgeist Project

July 2012, two of our EU cooperation projects have come to a conclusion. Both are Grundtvig Lifelong Learning Partnerships about understanding adult learning in archaeological open-air museums. We learned from first hand experiences and found out how to improve our offer for adults. Both projects lasted two years.

An online glossary in 10 languages

One wish of EXARC has come true: over the past two years 15 members have cooperated in two Grundtvig Learning Partnerships (Didarchtik and Zeitgeist) and as one of the results from that, we now have got an online glossary with words we often use and cannot find easily in dictionaries.

Zeitgeist workshop in Oerlinghausen, February 2012

Zeitgeist had a workshop in Oerlinghausen, Germany, 28 February – 2 March. Even though we are working together for already 1.5 years, we still welcome many new faces at our workshops. This time we could welcome some more archaeologists from the Netherlands who had recently started working at Hunebedcentrum for example...

Visit the largest open-air museum in Germany with Zeitgeist

End of February, the 5th workshop of Zeitgeist will take place in Oerlinghausen, Germany. The six partner museums will get together to work with unusual methods how to address adults in archaeological open-air museums and how to educate about the reconstructed past. Check Zeitgeist website for more information...

Conference: Bringing archaeology to life - New ways to reach the public - a report

The conference “How to bring archaeology” to life was held from October 3rd - 7th 2011 at the Hunebedcentre in Borger, the Netherlands. Organisers were the project Zeitgeist, the project OpenArch, EXARC and the Hunebedcentre. The conference was a huge success with almost 100 participants from about ten countries. During the conference, attention was paid to different ways to...

A fairytale

Once upon a time a man in Landa was blamed for not have been swimming in the ice cold fjords of a country nearly next to the Northpole. Although he tried to explain the hard conditions, nobody believed him, because there have been two great story tellers which swam in the fjord. Nobody foreboded, that those handsome women have been meermaids trying to cluck men to their kingdom and ...

Zeitgeist in Landa

Zeitgeist met with 24 participants from Norway, Germany, Catalonia and the Netherlands in and around Stavanger 6-9 July. With people from 6 museums and some extra people added to this, we discussed the value of storytelling in archaeological open-air museums...

Zeitgeist website on line

Valentine’s Day 2011 was the start of a new website, Zeitgeist got the honours. It is the first of EXARC’s websites which is made as a Content Management System, meaning all members in this partnership can change and add content – exactly how a partnership should work. It is funded from the money the partners had received from Grundtvig for this partnership. With this, Zeitgeist has some tools for their project...

Zeitgeist in the Pyrenees

February 2nd - 5th, 2011 Early February, Zeitgeist had its second meeting - a first real workshop on some of the themes of the project. For this, 25 people joined in Catalonia for an intensive two-day session. After staying in Hotel Campus at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (which is a training facility for young adults entering the hotel and restaurant business) we got detailed presentations...

Zeitgeist “rocks” for the 1st time, between megaliths

September 14th -17th, 2010 In a productive two-day meeting, representatives of all six partners and of EXARC jointly made a detailed work program how to ‘do what we promised Brussels’. We were happy to have our application accepted, but now it comes down on us ourselves! It was not so hard to look through the application and the rules and see how we effectively could go and meet each other and work on the themes we had planned...

Our two Grundtvig Learning Partnerships got accepted

In August, 14 members and EXARC itself all got the news, our two Grundtvig Learning Partnerships got accepted. We are happy to announce, almost all partners of the application 'Zeitgeist' have been accepted by their respective national agencies. Unfortunately, our two Italian members were left out, probably because the number of Italian applicants in general was far more than in any other country. We are sorry to lose a good specialist and an experienced museum in this project, but will try other ways of cooperation with them...

Grundtvig preparation meeting

February 11th - 12th, 2010 Days before Carnival broke loose, 20 representatives of from about 14 members of EXARC met for two days in Oerlinghausen (near Bielefeld, Germany), the archaeological open-air museum where EXARC once had its first meeting. This seems like a large group, but when initially all EXARC members were asked if they were interested, no less than 25 had responded...

The potential of the Grundtvig

At a formal EU meeting in Amsterdam, EXARC understood the potential of the Grundtvig adult learning programme for its members. This EU cooperation programme is much smaller and more easy to implement than the larger Culture or Interreg projects are. Many members were interested and this subject will be followed up in 2010.

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