An online glossary in 10 languages

One wish of EXARC has come true: over the past two years 15 members have cooperated in two Grundtvig Learning Partnerships (Didarchtik and Zeitgeist) and as one of the results from that, we now have got an online glossary with words we often use and cannot find easily in dictionaries.
If anywhere on our websites you see a dotted line under a word (like experimental archaeology), just scroll over that and a description in English pops up as well as the same word in 10 languages. At this moment, 150 words are included (and dozens of hours of volunteers). For a full list of what we got so far see the PDF.
It is a great tool and we hope to carry on with it for quite a while! Anybody interested in helping EXARC with translating 150 words into a language we do not have yet would be welcome to contact us. Thank you so far, Grundtvig!