News from 2017

EXARC was once again represented at the EAA conference. The biggest happening of the year, however, was the 10th International Experimental Archaeology Conference #EAC10, which we hosted in the Netherlands. This year we saw how popular experimental archaeology has become: first planning for a conference in South Africa took place, there were two sessions at the AAA in Australia, of course the REARC Conference happened again, the Iberian Conference on Experimental Archaeology, as well as a Forum in Norway. We won't even mention the annual German experimental archaeology conference, which this year had its 20th (?) session. 

EXARC began cooperation with the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation (USA), enabling one person to go to their site and learn from them for a full month. This is a successful step towards making our approach more international. 

EXARC grew this year to almost 300 members.