20 Years Stone Age Park Dithmarschen

On the occasion of its 20 year’s jubilee, Stone Age Park Dithmarschen (DE) had a large celebration and also published a booklet. Supporters and long-lasting friends of the AÖZA in Albersdorf shed their light on the development of the archaeological open-air museum, the current status quo and plans for its future. Experts discuss the value of the project from a museum perspective, but also discuss its value for Mesolithic events or describe its influence in the regional and national press. EXARC is included in the brochure, describing how AÖZA prove to be a survivor in the constantly changing world, partly thanks to its great variety in offer to the public. The Stone Age Park Dithmarschen has become an important cultural player in the Dithmarschen region and beyond.

The brochure counts 44 pages and costs 2 EUR.