News from 2023

Early in 2023, EXARC joined an important network, the European Heritage Alliance 3.3. We also strengthened ties with NEMO, the Network of European Museum Organisations.

Much of the winter and spring, we were preparing for the #EAC13 conference which took part in Poland and online in May, with good results. We also helped putting life into Late Neolithic houses, and the Support Ukraine Network (SUN) made several links between colleagues in and outside Ukraine. A delegation attended the #EAC13 conference in Poland. Culture is a connecting factor!

EXARC made some steps towards sustainability, as did many of our members, like for example the Scottish Crannog Centre.

The RETOLD project had its third year, where we helped developing an app for museums to document, digitize and share their stories. Project partners met on several occasions, and we look forward to a great 2024 for RETOLD.

We celebrated several of our members’ successes around the world. Talking about success, the different grants EXARC is aiding in (the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation Fellowship and the John Kiernan Award) reached a lot of people and we have some interesting winners. 

In Autumn, 2023 EXARC team members met in Germany to discuss the future, and as a result from that, we could announce a new director starting 2024.