RETOLD Training in Berlin

Retold is an EU cooperation project where EXARC and partners develop a method for open-air museums to document, digitise and share their stories. One of the avenues is that we create 3D models of the houses in these museums. These models are then dressed with all kinds of information. Our specialists from XYZ Technical Art Services have developed most of our approach.

Early July, they visited Museumsdorf Düppel in Berlin, Germany for a photogrammetry training. We used a small shed as a starting point. Of course you cannot simply go out there and shoot almost 600 digital pictures and throw them in the Reality Capture software, short term planning is vital, the right light (weather) and choice of the right subject matter. In open-air museums, the houses we need to document can be quite challenging: nothing is straight! With the right equipment, you can come a long way, and that does not have to be super expensive or professional. Once the photos were made, data had to be cleaned, but first after rendering, one sees where information is missing. That is why we went back and took some extra photos. This iteration was very welcome.

After only two days, the staff was trained well, so they now are able to make 3D models on their own, understanding all steps in the process. Besides that, they now have a detailed 3D model of their shed. EXARC was included in this visit to Berlin for some strategic conversations on how to proceed with the project as well as seeing things progressing in person.