News from 2021

Early 2021, our new EU project RETOLD started, where we focus on documentation, digitisation and sharing of material of open-air museums, together with five partner organisations. Already in the first year, we saw new vlogs popping up as well as 3D models on Sketchfab. 

In March, EXARC organised the # EAC12 Experimental Archaeology Conference, around the World in 160 presentations, attracting 30,000 views within days. We thank our many volunteers. 

Another new project is funded by the Dutch Academy of Science and coordinated by Leiden University. It is about Putting Life into Late Neolothic Houses and includes both research and public outreach as well as community involvement. 

The EXARC director moved to Denmark for a new job, and EXARC hired a new office manager who started in September. This is a 0.75 position, and together with the volunteers she keeps EXARC running. The EXARC director and previous office manager will remain active in the background, also for the various cooperation projects. 

In May we lost another great name in experimental archaeology when Hans-Ole Hansen died. Our EXARC Journal Digest, published in September, was dedicated to his memory. 

As for international cooperations, the Sustainable Develoopment Goals bring many parties together; in June we presented at the ALHFAM Conference. The ALHFAM organisation is a welcome partner of EXARC in the USA. 

One of our EXARC members generously started the EXARC Experimental Archaeology Award. Thanks to John Kiernan's help, three winners received a mini-funding for their experiments. They will publish an article about their work in the EXARC Journal. 

Like 2020, this year has been a difficult one of many of us with Covid still high on the horizon, presenting struggles to open-air museums, institutions, and individual members. We’re sad to see some of our members go and hope that they are able to rejoin the EXARC community at one point in the future.