#throwback to #EAC12

The days are getting shorter and colder, and everyone is spending more time at home, so why not use that time on a dark and grey afternoon to listen to our EAC12 World Tour conference sessions?

The #EAC12 Conference was an “around the world in 80 experiments” celebration and took place in March 2021. It started in Australia, turning towards Asia, Africa, Europe, North and South America as the time proceeded. #EAC12 had online lectures as well as presentations by local hotspots in different time zones. With the lectures and hotspots, #EAC12 shows the diversity of experimental archaeology and the geographic spread.


Every Thursday, we will throw you back to the lively Q&A sessions of this year’s conference, celebrating two milestones: the 20th birthday of EXARC with active memberships in 40 countries worldwide and the anniversary of the first MA in Experimental Archaeology at the University of Exeter in 2000.

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