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Zeiteninsel in Germany receives 4.8 Million EUR

A few days before Christmas, ministers Rhein and Schäfer from the country Hessen, Germany officially handed over 4.78 million Euro to Weimar for the construction of the archaeological open-air museum Zeiteninsel...

Happy Holidays

EXARC wishes all its members happy Holidays. For most of us, the End of December is the time to conclude the year, look back and anticipate what is going to change in 2016. EXARC hosts a meeting in March in Leiden (NL) where members will discuss and decide what is important for EXARC for the near future. You are welcome to join us, more information at:

Grants Awarded to Exeter Experimental Archaeology PhD Students

Two PhD students from the University of Exeter (UK) have recently been awarded grants for archaeological experiments and analysis related to their PhD topics! Both these students have taken part in staff exchanges within the Openarch programme. These experiences have directly benefited the details of their proposals and quality of their grant applications.

Fundraising for EXARC!

Five years ago, EXARC had about 80 members. With help of OpenArch we renewed our websites, Journal and social media early 2012 and see, by now we count 250 members in 30 countries! All well, but we think EXARC can improve. For this we started a fundeaising. There are nice gifts for our supporters!

Please fund us through

Online EXARC Journal 2015-4 published

The fourth online issue of the 2015 EXARC Journal contains 17 articles divided over two sections. 15 articles are open access (OpenArch related and Mixed Matters), two are for EXARC Members only. It includes one article from the special OpenArch Crafts Issue and 7 from Digest Special OpenArch Issue...

Dueppel (Berlin) wins award

On November 19 2015, the Association Museumsdorf Düppel was awarded the Ferdinand von Quast Medal. This is the Berlin Culturemonument Award! Prof. Fansa, the Chair of the Association has accepted the medal with all honours that go with it. All this came exactly in time for the 40-year jubilee of Düppel.

Many congratulations and well deserved!

Special Issue - OpenArch EXARC Digest Journal 2015-2 ready

With OpenArch coming to the end, EXARC decided to publish a special issue of Digest - dedicated to OpenArch. We asked the partners to write about their best experiences, summarizing their role in OpenArch and what they learned. In the Digest we published six peer-reviewed articles (divided between AOAM and Interpretation), and five Mixed Matters.

All 2013 online articles are now Open Access

Mid-November we turned the EXARC Journal 2013-3 issue open access. It consist out of 19 articles including People Want Quality and They are willing to pay for it, Copper + Tin + People: Public Co-Smelting Experimentation in North-western Iberia, Hunting with cane and Living Conditions and Indoor Air Quality in a Reconstructed Viking House.

ICMAH annual conference “the professional and ethical dimensions of archaeology”

About 100 museum specialists, all member of ICOM, met for a conference in the shadow of the Acropolis in Greece (11 -14 November 2015). EXARC joined this conference and had several discussions with members of the board of ICMAH, the International Committee of Museums of Archaeology and History. This is one of the largest committees in ICOM.

Livestock farming in Berlin

On November 2nd, 2015, EXARC attended a work meeting in Berlin with colleagues from Museumsdorf Düppel & Kloster Lorsch discussing ancient breeds and cooperation on this theme between archaeological open-air museums.


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