All 2013 online articles are now Open Access

Mid-November we turned the EXARC Journal 2013-3 issue open access. It consist out of 19 articles including People Want Quality and They are willing to pay for it, Copper + Tin + People: Public Co-Smelting Experimentation in North-western Iberia, Hunting with cane and Living Conditions and Indoor Air Quality in a Reconstructed Viking House. You can read all these articles now without logging in. You can find the EXARC Journal 2013-3 here.
The previous Issue of the EXARC Journal 2013-2 counted ten articles reviewed articles. The issue 2013-1 had six articles, which now all are open access. The total amount of articles published on line in 2013 was 49, which makes an average of one a week. We are considering to make all articles open access from 2017, when we hope to introduce our new website.