Volunteer Job Openings / Vacancies

EXARC has several vacancies, listed below. Let us know if you are interested in any of these options, email us at info@exarc.net any time!

You are welcome no matter how much or little time you have, you do not commit yourself for any longer than you wish. Most of the work you can do from home, but of course we offer the chance to be in close contact with the rest of the EXARC Team.
It is nice if you have affinity with museums, but you do not need to have much more than that. As a volunteer you work in a very international environment with us. This is a good opportunity to improve either your English or your Dutch. 


Volunteer Job: Scout Team for Experiments and Museums

Do you speak a language we do not know? I am sure you do. Are you active in an area with only few EXARC members? Probably. Can you help us finding people and organisations working with experimental archaeology worldwide, and also for what we call archaeological open-air museums? Also we would like to hear about great living history associations and expert ancient technology craftspeople, with a good link to the archaeological past. 
Become an EXARC scout and help us expanding our network, and help new people to link with others worldwide. 

Volunteer Position: Digital Collections Assistants

EXARC is committed to preserving and sharing experimental and experiential knowledge. The Experimental Archaeology Collection in tDAR is a place for sharing and preserving data and results of experimental archaeology. The collection currently consists of 12,000 citations from the EXARC bibliography, but we are eager to add openly accessible publications and experimental data.
Collection Assistants would:

  • receive data management and digital curation training,
  • add additional descriptive data to existing records in the collection in tDAR,
  • Upload metadata into the DOAJ
  • Assist in archiving articles from the EXARC Journal into the DOAJ

There may also be opportunities to work on other documentation and digital curation projects related to the volunteers’ interests.

Volunteer Job: International University Network Manager

We have a simple overview with 100 universities of universities worldwide working with experimental archaeology, either in research or in education. Not all of these are EXARC member. About 40 of these are already on our Google map of higher education centres.
For each of the rest of these we need a short text and a photo, explaining what they do about experimental archaeology. Sometimes the universities write a story themselves, but usually we prepare something and ask them to agree. Also, there may be more such higher education centres out there, can you help finding those? 

Volunteer Job: Online Journal Curator

EXARC publishes the online EXARC Journal. A new issue is published every three months. In total we currently have about 80 new articles per year. Where missing, new articles need an abstract. 
Following on that, the metadata of the articles (title, author, keywords et cetera) need to be collected in a sheet. Previous articles serve as example, and it is much copy & paste work. Then the articles need to be PDF-ed and both the PDF and metadata need to be uploaded in two different online systems (DOAJ & Tdar). 
This task may be executed every three months or once a year, at own pace. 
A second task for the curator team is to check existing articles if they use the right keywords and are in the correct category. In some articles, the use of units (metres, kilos) is incorrect and should be updated, other articles require a check for the use of copyrighted images. 
Are you interested in part of this work? Please contact us!

Volunteer Job: Social Media Team Strategist

EXARC needs a social media strategy with clear objectives. For example: is our main purpose to expand the number of EXARC members? Or increase social media followers? Promote our seminars and conferences? What is the most suitable communication strategy on different social channels? 
We need somebody who identifies the objectives and best strategy to pursue it, and to monitor the results. The Strategist helps steering the Team together with the Social Media Team Coordinator. We use social media planner tools as well as team software so all people have the overview. 

Volunteer Job: Social Media Content Manager

EXARC has an enormous number of resources to publish and monitor, will you the one in our team who only deals with this? How do we find and choose the contents to spread on the EXARC channels? Can we use hashtags to remain updated, do we control of sector news, monitoring of activities on the calendar, checking out our members? Of course you will have access to the large number of contacts EXARC already has. We can use Google Alerts, Spidwit, Mention, and others. 

Volunteer Job: Instagram Team Member

We need help with the daily management of our Instagram account. 
Instagram exarc.1 started only in July 2019. We follow about 1,600 people and have roughly 1,000 followers there. So far, we posted about 25 messages per month. 
You will plan and post great visual impact images or particularly appealing, or images of impressive or unusual activities directly related to EXARC, beautiful images of open-air museums and archaeological sites associated, or even more curious and visually significant aspects of experimental archaeology. The Instagram Team works closely together with the Graphic designer. 

Volunteer Job: Twitter Team Member

@exarc_net started in 2001. It is following 3,880 accounts and has 2,901 followers. We tweeted over 8,000 times. 
Twitter is perfect for its speed of use and great versatility, as well as the possibility of reaching a wider and more diversified audience, both in terms of age and interests (compared to other social networks). For EXARC it is useful to share all news about new publications, new members, new activities, seminars, conferences, webinars and much more. 
Will you coordinate our Twitter activity? You will be able to respond quickly to the (EXARC and real) world around you; able to improvise with the EXARC spirit in mind. 

Volunteer Job: LinkedIn Manager

Absolutely necessary for networking and promoting EXARCs specific sectors' activities, still little used by EXARC but with an enormous potential to exploit. Our EXARC LinkedIn page has 150 subscribers, our archaeological open-air museum group 650 and in experimental archaeology we count almost 3,000 people. 
Are you a LinkedIn savvy and willing to extend our presence and activity there? Do you feel well in the world of heritage professionals? You will work closely together with our Social Media Content Manager and Strategist. This is your chance to set new goals for EXARC in this professional network. 

Volunteer Job: Engrish Check

The EXARC website is visited by over 150,000 people every year. It consists of about 4,000 pages, many of which are authored by non-native speakers English. It would be great if we could have some parts of the website checked and corrected. You don’t need to be too strict and some parts of the website are already edited, like the EXARC Journal’s 400 articles. Your help will make our website easier to read and digest ;-). 

Volunteer Job: Conference Team Members

EXARC has a conference every year: in March 2020 a meeting with about 50 delegates in Berlin (DE), in Spring 2021 our large biannual conference with possibly 200 participants in Exeter (UK). 
Although we already organise conferences like these for a long time, each time we need help with a variety of activities, especially in the months running towards the conference. Part of this work before the conference is about logistics (printing conference badges, putting together conference bags), but also about collecting data from the speakers and delegates, sorting this and checking the English just to name a few points. 

Volunteer Job: Online Event Calendar Manager

EXARC has an online calendar of events: https://exarc.net/events. In 2019, this included almost 300 events, mostly from our 100 museum members, but also some great opportunities by non-members which were just too nice not to include. 
Many of the 2019 events will happen again in 2020. The old page of each event needs to be checked and updated, or unpublished if the event is not repeated. The museum member’s websites and social media can be harvested for more events, just like organisations EXARC is affiliated to. 
The events will also be published on social media. This can either be a separate job for a second person, or can be part of the job of the Online Event Calendar Manager. 
A good knowledge of English is important, and any extra languages are helpful, as often, information needs to be Google translated, then corrected before it goes online.