Job Openings / Vacancies

EXARC usually has several vacancies, listed below. Let us know if you are interested in any of these openings; email us at any time!

You are welcome no matter how much or little time you have, you do not commit yourself for any longer than you wish. Most of the work you can do from home, but of course we offer the chance to be in close contact with the rest of the EXARC Team.
It is nice if you have affinity with museums, but you do not need to have much more than that. As a volunteer you work in a very international environment with us.

EXARC gives you the opportunity to:

  • Join a dynamic international community dedicated to experimental archaeology, open-air museums and interpetation
  • Enhance your skill set or learn new skills
  • Expand your cv
  • Engage in an activity you enjoy or are good at (e.g. working with social media or text)
  • Do an internship
  • Extend your network
  • Do something for society
  • Have a nice way of spending your free time
  • Tie in with projects from other disciplines, which in some way touch on what EXARC is doing

EXARC offers volunteers an insurance related to all activities carried out under its umbrella. You also get a reference letter when you leave.



The EXARC Journal offers the opportunity for those involved with experimental archaeology, open-air museums, ancient technology, and interpretation to publish their research or events either as unreviewed Mixed Matters articles, or as peer-reviewed articles. All articles are free to publish and are open-access, and there are four issues published quarterly during the course of the year. As part of our editorial team, we are looking for reviewers specialised in the theme of interpretation. If this is something that interests you, please contact for more information.



We are looking to expand our social media team, and are specifically looking for volunteers to help create reels and other video content for our social media platforms. To apply, please contact with any relevant experience and a brief summary of your interest in EXARC.