About us

EXARC is the global network of professionals for those active in archaeological open-air museums as well as in experimental archaeology, ancient technology and interpretation. We exchange experience, tips & tricks and best practice and are working on better quality for the people involved, their (experimental) work and archaeological open-air museums in general.

The EXARC JOURNAL (established 2004) is a discussion platform for the exchange of experience and information in all aspects of archaeological experiment, (re)construction, the use of models in education as well as live interpretation including ‘living history’. With EXARC JOURNAL we offer publish articles with the help of an international editorial board. We also offer our journal to advertise and reach many archaeological open-air museums as well as other readers across the globe. Read more about the Journal.

EXARC Meetings
EXARC hosts two series of international conferences: the REARC series and the EAC series. The Reconstructive and Experimental Archaeology Conferences (REARC) take place in North America, while the International Experimental Archaeology Conferences (EAC) are organised in Europe. Apart from that, EXARC supports and co-organises several other conferences and workshops, all within our four themes. Read more about our Conferences.

With members everywhere, we can ensure an exchange of knowledge, experience and best practice. Themes cover not only public archaeology, experimental archaeology, ancient skills, living history and interpretation, but also exchange of staff, dialogue with visitors, marketing & communication and of course museum management. Read more about our Members.

EXARC Cooperation
EXARC cooperates with several organisations which are important to our members. These include ICOM, the International Council of Museums, but also NEMO and REARC to mention just a few. EXARC members form a mutually supportive network. Small as well as large scale cooperation within the association are organised individually to ensure a better success. Since its beginning, EXARC has initiated a number of international projects, some of which were funded by the European Union. New ideas are developed continuously and are discussed by the members of EXARC. EXARC also joins projects with non-EXARC members if these help us in any of our four themes. You can read about our present cooperation projects here.


As of 2012, the Dutch Tax Service (Belastingdienst) has granted to EXARC Cultural ANBI status. The Dutch abbreviation ANBI means Algemeen Nut Beogende Instellingen (Institution Aimed at the Common Good) refers to charitable, religious, humanistic, cultural and scientific institutions whose mission and operations are deemed by the Tax Service overwhelmingly to serve the Common Good.

The Dutch government implements a fiscal policy that encourages the donation of funds to causes that advance the Common Good. Apart from granting tax advantages to EXARC, ANBI status also favors EXARC's Sponsors, Contributors and Patrons in countries that grant tax concessions to foreign registered charities, as well as those based in the Netherlands. Sponsors, Contributors and Patrons who have made a donation to EXARC may be able to deduct the amount from taxable income.

For more see http://www.belastingdienst.nl/ (in Dutch)


EXARC is registered as a non-profit association, founded March 16th, 2003 at Lejre Land of Legends, Denmark. EXARC is registered in the Netherlands in the Register for Associations and Foundations of the Chamber of Commerce, district Brabant under number 17279629.