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"A phenomenal organization at a great price! I can't say enough good things about EXARC. The talented and dedicated staff work hard to make this the premiere international society for Experimental Archaeology and Archaeological Open-Air Museums."

Prof Dr Tim Messner, State University of New York at Potsdam, USA

Our Institutional Members hail from Archaeological (Open-Air) MuseumsHigher Education Centres and Groups & Associations. The Museums are the sites where many threads of EXARC come together: museum practice, experimental archaeology, ancient & traditional technology and interpretation. The Higher Education Centres include both research and education while the Groups & Associations include many practitioners and independent researchers.

About 2/3rd are Individual Members. Between them you will find people of all ages and many different professions or interests. They work with any of our themes, in museums, in groups, at universities or as freelancers. With EXARC you will find professors and blacksmiths, textile practitioners and flintknappers, artists, teachers and students alike.

What unites our members are the research, experience and sharing of stories about the past as we learn through archaeological sources. Join Us, become an EXARC Member! 

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