Other Meetings and Workshops

Apart from the recurring REARC and EAC conferences, EXARC hosts or cohosts several other one of a kind meetings. These include more formal conferences as well as events in the open-air, always with an international flair.

Please contact us if you like to cohost an event with EXARC. Events in any of our four themes are welcome: archaeological open-air museums, experimental archaeology, ancient technology and interpretation. 

Upcoming Meetings

2022 August: A Sustainable Revolution for Open-Air Museums, ICOM Prague

Co-organised by

EXARC invites you to a session during the ICOM General Conference in Prague We are in a unique position where our teaching of the past offers our visitors lessons for the future; we are more relevant than ever. How to develop the strength of open-air museums by building partnerships with other organisations? How can open-air museums become leaders in sustainable solutions? How can we change...