Other Meetings and Workshops

Apart from the recurring REARC and EAC conferences, EXARC hosts or cohosts several other one of a kind meetings. These include more formal conferences as well as events in the open-air, always with an international flair.

Please contact us if you like to cohost an event with EXARC. Events in any of our four themes are welcome: archaeological open-air museums, experimental archaeology, ancient technology and interpretation. 

Upcoming Meetings

September 2018 - EAA Session: What we are learning from Experimental Archaeology, Barcelona, Spain


Session #199 at the European Association of Archaeologists’ (EAA) meeting,
14:00h – 18:00h, room UB407

Experimental archaeology is the process of forming and testing hypotheses by replicating an action, leading to statements on the construction, use or discard of an archaeological object or feature. A hands-on immersive comparison with the past is created. But archaeology is more than a simple answer to “who were the people who lived here in the past”.

2018 September - Archaeology for the People: Exhibition, Experience and Performance, Kernave, Lithuania

Co-organised by
IMTAL Europe
The conference “Archaeology for the People” addresses all those professionally interested people in public archaeology, (open-air) museums, living history and interpretation. While archaeologists discover ever more sites and gain insight in the past, the challenge is to convey these stories accurately to the public in an appealing way.