Other Meetings and Workshops

Apart from the recurring REARC and EAC conferences, EXARC hosts or cohosts several other one of a kind meetings. These include more formal conferences as well as events in the open-air, always with an international flair.

Please contact us if you like to cohost an event with EXARC. Events in any of our four themes are welcome: archaeological open-air museums, experimental archaeology, ancient technology and interpretation. 

Upcoming Meetings

2019 May - Session Experimental Archaeology in the Balkans: Summa Summarum

Co-organised by
Serbian Archaeological Society (RS)

Until recently, in the Balkans, experimental archaeology was not considered as something that could contribute to science. For decades, this useful and fruitful branch of archaeology represents a genuine scientific discipline in a number of western and central European countries, as well as in Russia. There, for example, experiments were introduced as an inseparable part of material culture research at the famous Leningrad laboratory.