Advertising in Digest

We reserve some space for advertisements in each EXARC Journal Digest (hard copy).  All advertisements are in full colour, offering an attractive way of presenting your museum or company. The income generated from advertisements helps finance the EXARC JOURNAL.

We have pages inside and outside (back cover) to at your disposal for advertising. Prices vary (see below). Please check the attached PDF sample for the exact sizes available.

Advert space EXARC Journal Digest

Outside back cover:

Size ¼ page: 90 x 136 mm
Size ½ page: 185 x 136 mm (or 2 boxes of 90 x 136 mm)
Size 1 page: 185 x 277 mm (or 2 boxes ½ page)


Inside cover:

Size ¼ page: 85 x 136 mm
Size ½ page: 175 x 136 mm (or 2 boxes of 90 x 136 mm)
Size 1 page: 175 x 277 mm (or 2 boxes ½ page)


The schedule for pricing is as follows:

  Inside cover Outside back cover
¼ page: € 200 € 250
½ page: € 400 € 500
1 page: € 800 € 1,000


The format of the advert should be PDF – press quality. The colours should be CMYK, not RGB.

EXARC can also arrange for the advert to be made for you. You will receive the original files (Photoshop files) for your own future use. There is a small fee for this service: if the texts and pictures are delivered digitally at one time, an average advertisement takes 2 – 3 hours of work at € 40 per hour, excl. VAT.