Digest 2020

© EXARC, 2020; ISSN: 2212-523X
Size: A4, 116 pages, full colour, circulation of 750

The EXARC Journal Digest has become a lot thicker! Instead of the usual two issues of together about 65 pages, this time we have one thick issue of 116 pages. Digest 2020 contains 32 articles, of which 18 Reviewed and 14 unreviewed Mixed Matters. There are much more manuscripts online. 

The Digest shows the diversity of authors (from 16 countries) and themes EXARC members and colleagues are working with. We include stories about bronze casting, research into Māori ethnographic textiles, but also about medieval benches for polishing swords. We go into questions like working with artisans, or “I experiment so I participate”, tacit learning and slow tech. A number of articles were presented earlier at our EAC12 Conference in Trento, Italy, or at our conference in Berlin, like a paper about a digital heritage project in Iran. Even further travelling is required to Brazil, to our article on Art in the Serra Heritage experiences. These articles show how archaeological heritage related work can be relevant and of benefit to society. This edition of the EXARC Journal is dedicated to Professor John Morton Coles. 

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