Digest 2019 Issue 2

© EXARC, 2019; ISSN: 2212-523X
Size: A4, 36 pages, full colour, circulation of 500

With the increasing success of the EXARC Journal, we now receive more manuscripts than ever before, and will have published over 80 international articles in 2019.
For the Digest Issue 2 of 2019 we could choose only 14 articles from the 39 submitted manuscripts. These include an overview of the education system in India on archaeology as well as a review from a South Korean Stone Age Festival, were several EXARC members were present. Three articles, based on dissertations from the UK and Ireland, cover a choice of experiments in Europe. Further to that, two Archaeological Open-Air Museums describe their daily work with volunteers and different themes, both presented at the EXARC conference in Kernave (LT) in 2018. The CRAFTER project on reconstructed Bronze Age pottery summarizes its exhibitions across Europe, an important result of their 18-month project.

Digest 2019 Issue 2 contains 14 articles, of which six Reviewed and eight unreviewed Mixed Matters.

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