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Delphi 2004-2005 (Culture 2000)

What it is about:
Under the patronage of EXARC, three members: Pfahlbaumuseum Unteruhldingen (DE), Archeon (NL), Araisi Archaeological Museum Park at the Latvian National History Museum (LV), joined in a 1 year Culture 2000 project called "Delphi".

Website: it is maintained by Pfahlbaumuseum Unteruhldingen (DE)

Three pilots have been developed, each in its own environment:
1House of Questions Related to Internet. We will collect and answer the most frequently asked questions which can be answered by archaeology.
2Info points Within the landscape, outside the museums. Info points will be set up by which the environment is involved in archaeology.
3Time islands Within the museums, new ‘time islands’ will be constructed. In Archeon, this is for example an early medieval (re)construction.
This project took place from July 1st 2004 to June 31st 2005.
We will try to give it a follow up with more EXARC members.


Delphi Questions rise again!

Over the years 2005 - 2009 EXARC collected among its members frequently asked questions in archaeological open-air museums, as part of the Delphi project (2004-2005). As we like to show the results of EU projects EXARC has been involved in, we have added most of these questions early 2012 into our Open Archaeology website...

The most frequently asked visitor questions

What were the most frequently asked questions to the Delphi Project? An almost equal number of questions are about construction of the dwellings and about the daily life of the people. There are hardly any questions asked about wars, politics, specific artefacts or utensils...

“Delphi” in Archeon: work barn and Grubenhaus from the Carolingian Period

Just 45 minutes south of Amsterdam, at Archeon, on September 1st the last part of “Delphi – house of Questions” was inaugurated by the 3 mayors of respectively Alphen, Valkenburg (ZH) and Rijnsburg. Archeon collected the most important questions in an earlier stage and by the end of June 2005, the construction of two houses was officially given a start...

“Delphi” in Araisi: cross European relations – then, now and in the future

by G. Schöbel/R. Paardekooper
90 km north of Riga in Latvia, at Araisi Lake Fortress near Cesis, by the end of June 2005, the Latvian delegation could crown their work for “Delphi”. Their ceremony was frequented by many politicians, scientists and members of the population...

“Delphi” in Unteruhldingen: Latvian Embassador and Duch Consul open the route through (pre)history, partner museums answers questions by mouse click.

by G. Schöbel/R. Paardekooper
On a very sunny day as there would follow many, officials from the three partner countries of the “Delphi” project opened the website by mouse click and walked with the other invited guests across the 2 km long route through prehistory and history, with which the Pfahlbaumuseum in Unteruhldingen links itself into their environment...

Introduction of the European project “Delphi – house of questions” at the 8th EXARC Meeting, Biskupin (PL)

The three Delphi partners were handed over a sign, making their museums more visible to the public. This event took place during the 8th EXARC meeting in Biskupin, Poland. Besides that, the partners informed EXARC on the ideas and the progress of Delphi, especially concerning the new website. All EXARC members were asked to collect their FAQ, to see...

Start of the European project “Delphi – house of questions” in European archaeological open-air museums (EXARC)

by G. Schöbel/R. Paardekooper
At the archaeological Theme Park Archeon (NL) in Alphen, on June 30th 2004 a new European project with participation of the archaeological open-air museums Archeon (NL), Araisi Lake Fortress (LV) and the Pfahlbaumuseum Unteruhldingen (DE) am Bodensee could start off...

Conception of a plan for EXARC's future at the 7th EXARC Meeting, Barcelona (SE)

March, 19th - 21st, 2004 7th EXARC meeting was organised by UAB - Dept. d'Antropologia i Prehistòria Facultat de Lletres. When meeting at the Barcelona Universities, in Spring 2004, the members present decided it was time to move EXARC to a higher plan and speed up its development...

1st EU Project introduced at the 6th EXARC Meeting

October 13th - 15th, 2003
At our 6th EXARC meeting in Autumn 2003 in Százhalombatta, Hungary information was shared between the members on the EU. Besides the meeting for members, about 7 presentations were given on ongoing or future projects in experimental archaeology and reconstruction. We are clear in what we want, we only need to cast it in a form. We were informed about CULTURE 2000 possibilities...

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